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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Hi, my name is Darren Shaw, I'm the founder of Ravingworld. This organisation was founded in the year 2019 whilst I was on a trip to South East Asia in a country known as the Philippines. I saw multiple factories and print shops out there. After stepping inside and talking to some of the owners with the limited local language that I could speak, I was able to strike up a deal with them. Producing crop tops exclusively for me so that I could sell them to my friends back in the United Kingdom. I found out that all of my friends were interested in what I was doing, and I was getting a lot more support than I originally anticipated.

At the time of setting up the business the raving world was thriving, night clubs were packed, and the world of music was doing really really well for itself. For obvious reasons in the year 2020, the physical Raving world died the company continued to sell clothing to people who were hopeful about where the scene and world of Ravingwould go next.

I'm about to take the raving world company in a new direction one which I believe best suits it's resources, abilities, opportunities and strengths. The website will continue to supply clothing for people who are passionate about drum and bass music and want the kind of clothing that you could wear on the street or in a rave.

I'm also passionate about a suite of online courses that I'll soon be providing mainly aimed at people with a hyperactive happy mindset, staying true to the original ideals that this company was founded on so the actual Raving minded person who loves their music and guess off on the pumping adrenaline that rave music gives

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