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Ravingworld looking forward stories

We are currently on the lookout for a variety of fascinating real life stories for the website If your story sounds like one of the ones we are looking for listed below, get in touch with us today

This month, we're searching for: Grandparents being reunited with their grandkids this Saturday People living alone - like a grandparent - will be allowed to meet with one other household from Saturday as part of their "support bubble". We would love to speak to families who are planning to do this on Saturday. I had no idea my lover was married

Was your other half married, but you had no idea?

Mums being shamed Have you been unfairly shamed for parenting decisions? It could be that people have criticised you for your child's name, or maybe people have told you that you are too old or too young to increase your family. People may have shamed you for having kids with different dads, or for the way you look. My BMI doesn't 'match' my size Does your BMI say you are overweight or obese, but in reality you are super healthy and look great? It could be that you are short or maybe have lots of muscle. Tanning addicts Are you addicted to tanning? Are you always using sunbeds or laying in your garden to get a bronzed look?

Superfans Are you a huge fan of a celebrity? Tell us all about it! Lockdown divorce

Has lockdown made you and your partner realise you can't stay together? You're not alone - and we'd like to hear from you for a sensitive story.

Similarly, if lockdown has saved your marriage or relationship, we'd love to hear how. We split many times before getting married Are you a married couple who split several times before finally deciding to tie the knot? Maybe you were scared of commitment or just something was putting you off, but now you're happily married and we want to hear more. Home at risk due to coastal erosion Is your home at risk from coastal erosion? We'd like to talk to you about it and get some photographs of you with your home.

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