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Free the nipple!

As an organisation, we have always sought to represent the opinions of our most loyal customers by supplying clothing that reflects the lifestyle we love.

One of the issues discussed amongst the team of late is how far we should go in allowing the appearance of the female nipple in imagery and advertising.

We've carried out extensive research amongst our target audience and customers and the sorts of things we hear include:

  • All women hate bras, they can be so annoying; we only wear them because society says we have to, and we've been sold the idea that it's not natural to allow breasts to hang or stand naturally.

  • I find bras empowering; I like them sometimes, they can make me feel sexy and desirable, so it depends.

  • If it is a business-related event, then I wear them

As you, the reader, may be aware, a company such as this needs to be aware of these issues and the varying viewpoints that are out in the world, so we invite and are interested in your opinion on this matter.

Do you have an opinion on this matter?

Feel free to comment on this post or get in touch to give your opinion anonymously as we continue to navigate through this topic

In the meantime, check out our latest crop top as you decide... free the nipple? or...

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