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Before Rollercoaster... The beginning...

The beginning

It was 2001 and I was laying low after having committed a major crime in which I had led a large team to clean out a commercial property in London. I was worried about being caught because I used my fist to smash in a window, leaving behind my blood which would be great evidence if it was found. I was re-evaluating my life choices and some of the older heads around me thought I was crazy doing such tings but I didn’t care… I had a skill, and it was all I had going for me at the time. I was on government welfare(Job seekers allowance) at the time and always smoking as much skunk and weed as I could handle on a daily basis.

I mention the welfare situation because it was the job centre that sent me to some government-funded course with work experience. Probably to get me off the streets.

I made friends with one of the employees, Michael, who saw that I took an interest in underground music. He told me about a squat that he and a few people had parties in. He invited me to come see it someday, which I wasn’t sure about, but I was curious, and he said that they ran squat parties there.

I went along to the squat for a party one day and there were about 3 or 4 rooms, each playing different music… Techno, Gabba and jungle. That’s where I met Graham A, an MC who was on the microphone, which made me wonder if I could ever do what he was doing, chatting away on the mic.

After that first time, Michael asked me if I wanted to maybe hold my own party there… I had a choice to make… did I wanted to change my life around…?

Next Rollercoaster event, Saturday 30th July

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