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The team here at fknluvdnb headquarters thought it would be a good idea to organise a showcase of the exclusive music distributed by us. To stay up to date with what we are doing here at the label.

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Our Story


This brand was launched by Darren 'dvsmc' Shaw in the year 2019 after he realised that his passion for drum and bass music outweighed any other thing that he was interested in. he felt really alone in the world at that point in time at the same time he knew that there were other people out there that were just as passionate about drum and bass as him.


DVSMC then started the brand while flying backwards and forwards between the UK and the Philippines and decided to set up a record label and a fashion label that would allow him to express just how passionate about drum and bass he was.

After gaining traction in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA, Darren returned to the UK and was supported by Alex Haze a drum and bass producer and DJ hailing from North London, who decided to join the Crusade to spread a passion for this music.


Along the way, there were difficulties and challenges as the trademark office tried to deny FKNLUVDNB a registration, but after a hearing in September 2020, the trademark was established as legitimate and the journey continued on from there.

We are now pushing the boundaries of sounds and fashion in order to find more people just like us who are passionate about drum and bass and couldn't give a damn about other people's opinions on their chosen music genre


Join us

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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